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Try Boating Day

Try Boating Day

Host: Darren Coggan


Try Boating Day

Ever dreamt of spending the weekend cruising with your family on your very own boat? Well with Try Boating Day you can turn your dreams into reality. Bring the family along and have a go test driving a number of different trailer boats in a relaxed and hassle-free environment. You'll have your own driver to take you out on the water and put the different boats through their paces. Your driver will also be able to answer any questions you have on the day so it's a really convenient and fun way to get some hands-on boating experience.

Try Boating Day will be held on Saturday the 15th of September and there are 6 locations to choose from. It's the perfect opportunity to figure out if you like the boating lifestyle and it'll give you an idea of which boat is the right fit for you, which is good info to know before you make such a big investment. You can find all the details you need to get involved on the website, and best of all it's FREE!

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Try Boating Day
Various locations
Saturday 15th September

Prices correct as at 09/09/2012


If you haven't already, join the world of boating by logging onto It's full of everything you need to know about boating.