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Sydney Melbourne Coastal Drive


Ben Boyd National Park

This park is located in two sections, north and south of Eden on the far South Coast. Don't miss Green Cape Lightstation, the spectacular Light to Light Walk and camping at Saltwater Creek and Bittangabee Bay in the south. Pinnacles and breathtaking views from Haycock Point are highlights in the north.

Must Do

Meandering drive from Sydney to Melbourne

What better way to explore the South Coast of NSW than on a drive from Sydney along the coast to the Victorian border?

Pretty seaside towns and historic villages, a string of quiet beaches and bays and more than 30 national parks and reserves contribute to the pleasures of this drive.

The food is great too. Rich dairy pastures are the source of some of Australia's finest cheeses, and you're never far from a winery. The seafood is fresh, local and succulent and eating out can be very enjoyable.

The highlights of the trip are many and varied but there are few not to miss. They include Jervis Bay's white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, Montague Island and its fur seal colonies, and Eden, famous for it's whaling history and now, for its whalewatching cruises.

Avoid driving tired and reach your destination.

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When driving, always consider how tired you are – fatigue is one of the top three contributors to Australia’s road toll.

Ensure you have had enough sleep before your trip and share the driving wherever possible. When driving on Australian roads take advantage of the many ‘rest areas’ available, regardless of whether it’s a long-distance or short-distance trip.

Easily locate rest areas and plan your rest breaks for your next journey by visiting

Grand Pacific Drive
Couple resting on journey through St Helena near Byron Bay by Sharyn Cairns; Destination NSW