Fishing and boating


Got a taste for the reel life? Or is boating more your style? With the largest network of lakes in the country, rivers, estuaries and the teeming marine life of the ocean, NSW is superbly equipped for recreational boating and fishing.

  • Fly fishing, Tumut
  • White water rafting, Snowy Mountains
Fishing, Manning Point, North Coast

Just south of Wollongong, Lake Illawarra is a paradise for aquatic enthusiasts, offering a choice of sailing, water skiing, canoeing and fishing.

At ShellharbourBass Point is the region's only marine aquatic reserve and one of the South Coast's scuba dive and snorkel hot spots. In nearby Jervis Bay and the Shoalhaven, there is a fishing and boating haven, with bays, rivers and ocean options for both. 

Local expert guides and charter operators can put you in the hot centre of the action in Port StephensThe Entrance on the Central Coast and further north on the Richmond River in Ballina.

Alternatively, make a holiday out of your fishing and boating experience and involve the kids. Fly less than two-hours away to the World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island and hand feed reef fish from a glass-bottomed boat on crystal clear waters.

From sunny shores to tranquil backwaters, NSW's coastal strip and lakes and rivers throw out a myriad of challenges for those who love to fish. Head for the banks of NSW's network of rivers, including the mighty Murray and the delightful Darling. Throw a line into the river or lakes, which are teeming with life, and watch the natural world go by.

Head to Lake Eucembene in the Snowy Mountains. You'll find rainbow trout, brown trout and Atlantic salmon and the lake is regularly re-stocked with trout by NSW Fisheries. Lying in the heart of Mount Kosciusko National Park it's a fantastic spot in the summer months where there is a wide choice of sporting, freshwater fishing and other activities.

Of course there's nothing like a local expert to help you land a trophy fish and, whether it's the trout streams of the high country or the marlin grounds off the coast, there are guides and charter operators who can put you in middle of the action. Cast off on a houseboat and you've got a world of adventure off your bow, and a supreme choice of locations in the Hawkesbury River, Myall Lakes and Murray River.

Swimming safety information

Swimming safety information

NSW has a wide range of wonderful swimming options including beaches, ocean pools, harbourside pools, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes at the bottom of waterfalls. However to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment, swimmers should follow this general advice:

Look for patrolled beaches (this is where lifesavers are on duty; you will see red and yellow flags that indicate this). You should always swim between the red and yellow flags as they mark the safest place to swim.

Never swim alone at night, or under the influence of alcohol, or directly after a meal.

Always check water depth before diving in, as rocks or trees could be submerged, and never run and dive into the water from the beach.

Check for signs regarding advice on water conditions at your chosen swimming spot and at any natural swimming hole. Always proceed with caution as surfaces could be slippery and water conditions may not be immediately apparent; particularly if the area has recently experienced heavy rain or flooding.