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Aboriginal culture


The roots of Australia's Aboriginal culture stretch back many thousands of years and exploring the connection is a potent source of wonder for most visitors. In Outback NSW, Harry Nanya Outback Tours and Tri State Safaris will help you to unlock the Aboriginal cultural heritage of this amazing landscape.

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Aboriginal Culture

Blue Mountains Walkabout Tour

New South Wales is home to Australia's largest Aboriginal population and, throughout the State, you'll find plenty of ways to experience Aboriginal cultural with local guides. If you're looking for a meaningful insight into the world's oldest continuous culture, from a contemporary and historic perspective, make sure you choose an authentic Aboriginal cultural experience. 

The Outback is an extraordinary part of NSW with great tracts of red earth and endless blue skies. It's home to Lake Mungo, part of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area, and a testament to a complex and ancient Aboriginal culture. Harry Nanya Outback Tours is an Aboriginal-owned and-operated tour operator that takes you into this remarkable corner of the State. At Mutawintji National Park, also in Outback NSW, you'll see rare and beautiful rock art on a tour with Tri State Safaris.

In the Snowy Mountains region, immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture on a Wiradjuri Wonders Tour. Experience firsthand how Aboriginal people used the land to survive, their traditional practices, the bush tucker they ate, the bush tools they used and their spiritual beliefs from the Dreaming. In the Warrumbungle National Park in Central NSW, join a guided tour with an Aboriginal guide on the Tara Cave Walk; the Sundancin' Tour is a tag-along car trip. If you'd like to some action with your adventure, check out Sand Dune Safaris at Port Stephens . You'll enjoy an adrenalin-fuelled quad bike tour across the highest coastal sand dunes in the southern hemisphere.

Closer to Sydney, discover sacred sites in the Blue Mountains by following a walkabout song line and hearing stories from local Aboriginal guides on a Blue Mountains Walkabout. At the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah, an Aboriginal horticulturist takes you on a botanic journey through this stunning, cool-climate garden. And at Waradah Aboriginal Centre, experience traditional dance, didgeridoo performances, authentic artworks, and take home genuine Aboriginal souvenirs.

View authentic Aboriginal art at art galleries in Sydney and around NSW. Two of the best public galleries are the Armidale and Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place and Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery.