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Yass Arts - Yass


• Thursday 01 October 2015 to Thursday 31 December 2015


YASSarts is a not for profit community and cultural tourism initiative that seeks to highlight the arts and culture of the Yass Valley. The Yass Valley region boasts a remarkable variety of talent in the field of arts, either in people who choose to live here or who have been raised in this region.

YASSarts also maintains an ever changing display at the Yass Valley Visitor Information Centre and is the force behind such hugely successful annual events as 'YASSarts SPRING!' and Sculpture in the Paddock'.

2015 sees 30 artworks in the paddock of Cooma Cottage and an opening that saw a crowd of 500 people congregate to see who the recipients were of the 2015 Sculpture in the Paddock prize, the new YassSoldiers club encouragement award, and the Tuggeranong Art Centre prize..

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