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Vivid Sydney Special - Learn Night Photography; Understand Down Under

Monday 28 April 2014 to Tuesday 28 April 2015


Make the most of VIVID festival by learning how to master night photography and long exposures. Enjoy the art of playing with light, and create magical images with writing and drawing or sublime studio style portraits... using only a torch!

Great for beginners, it starts from the essence of photography, with principles that will improve your day-today photography, as well as arming you to make that one image that you'll be forever proud of.

For a more in-depth lesson customised to your skill level feel free to book in for a private session.


- Meet with your photographer on the grass outside the MCA

- Overview on photography and light

- Light illumination

- Studio/style portraits

- Torches and other light tools

- Light writing and light painting

- Using off camera flash

- Advice and ideas for making the most of VIVID festival

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