Tyrannosaurs Meet The Family - Newcastle

Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family

Saturday 31 October to Sunday 28 February 2016

Newcastle Museum presents the blockbuster Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family; an innovative, multimedia experience developed and co-presented by the Australian Museum.

Millions and millions of years ago the Tyrannosaurs family ruled by tooth and claw. Now, for the first time in world history, you can experience the size, sound and sheer spectacle of these fascinating predators all in one place.

Visitors to the exhibition will explore an Australian-first immersive multimedia experience featuring large-scale, immersive projections of dinosaurs, meet Guanlong wucaii - the newly discovered feathery relative of T. rex and discover how recent scientific findings confirm the links between dinosaurs and birds. Last but not least use multi-touch technologies to compare your arm strength to that of a mighty T. rex!

For more information: www.newcastlemuseum.com.au