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Saturday 23 November 2013 to Sunday 27 July 2014


Tyrannosaurs' is the first exhibition in the world to shine a light on this legendary dinosaur family. If you thought you knew tyrannosaurs, guess again. While the most famous member of this family was the mighty T-Rex, tyrannosaurs come in all shape and sizes, including Guanlong, the 'Crown Dragon' and the diminutive Dilong, the 'emperor dragon', with a skeleton that is only 1m long.

With fossil specimens from China and North America that have never been seen in Australia and stunning life sized skeletons and models, Tyrannosaurs tells the story of this celebrated dinosaur family in a completely new way. Using cutting edge technology, Tyrannosaurs is the first exhibition in Australia to feature augmented reality, and hands on and multimedia experiences that will engage and excite children and adults alike.

Don't be late. Book now! Exclusive to Sydney for a limited time at the Australian Museum!

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