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Shellharbour Village Harbourside Markets - Shellharbour Village


• Sunday 24 January 2016

• Sunday 28 February 2016

• Sunday 27 March 2016

• Sunday 24 April 2016

• Sunday 22 May 2016

• Sunday 26 June 2016

• Sunday 24 July 2016

• Sunday 28 August 2016

• Sunday 25 September 2016

• Sunday 23 October 2016

• Sunday 27 November 2016


Spend the day in the picturesque Little Park in Shellharbour Village and browse through the wonderful stalls of this market, located right at the waters edge, on the fourth Sunday of the month.

The range of stalls includes handmade arts and crafts, circus toys, children's wear, gourmet food, handmade jewellery, bags, pet accessories, sweets and honey. The fresh produce at the market is excellent. Musicians and performers will be entertaining at the rotunda during the markets.

After the markets you are welcome to enjoy some lunch in Shellharbour Village and browse the many stores on Addison Street. Come along and discover something new in Shellharbour Village.

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