New Norcia Museum and Art Gallery -

New Norcia Museum and Art Gallery, New Norcia, Western Australia

New Norcia is Australia's only monastic town, a historical and spiritual treasure in the West Australian bush.

You won't believe what lies behind the locked doors of the buildings! Join a town tour and let the experienced guides unravel the unique history of this amazing town.

Experience a 1500 year old tradition and join the Benedictine monks for prayers (six times daily). Lose yourself in the Museum and Art Gallery. Here, an eclectic array of mission and monastery memorabilia is displayed alongside European religious art and contemporary Australian art works. It also houses the beautiful Charles Austin Gardiner exhibition of botanical drawings.

Taste some of the delicious New Norcia produce; freshly baked New Norcia bread, silver medal winning olive oil grown in the 100 year old Monastery olive grove and delicious wines and ports from the Abbey wines label.

Stroll up the hill to the grand New Norcia Hotel and linger over a home cooked meal. The deck is the perfect place to sip a glass of Abbey Ale or a glass from the New Norcia Abbey wine range.

All money spent during your visit to New Norcia will help support the monks to preserve Australia's only monastic town.

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