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K'Ozzie Fest 2013

Dates to be confirmed


*** Latest event details are yet to be confirmed ***

K'Ozzie Fest celebrates the best of Aboriginal/Australian, Irish and Polish cultures inspired by the achievements of the explorer Sir Paul Strzelecki and the majesty of the mountain he named after General Kosciuszko, a renowned champion of equal rights and the liberty of mankind.

An action packed weekend will feature, amongst many local and international artists' performances, including:

A stunning Visual Laser Display (first time at Jindabyne) combined with a Gala Concert at the Strzelecki monument beside the beautiful man made Lake Jindabyne;

Pop, Classical and Folk music and dancing;

An historical and spiritually moving centenary Mass atop the summit of Mt Kosciuszko;

A special guest appearance by the world acclaimed and award winning Afro-American pianist Mr Roy Eaton. His piano recital will be dedicated to the Ngarigo people, traditional custodians of Mt Kosciuszko.

For full details visit the Kosciuszko Heritage or K'Ozzie Fest websites.

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