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Clyde Marshall Memorial - Marrangaroo

Saturday 24 October 2015 to Sunday 25 October 2015


In 1963, some 50 years ago, the Lithgow kart Club was formed. Clyde Marshall is a Memorial event. He was the original founding member of Lithgow Districts Kart club. And this event keeps the legend of Clyde alive.

Clyde Marshall initially owned the land on which the track was built. The club bought the land off him in 1981 to establish the Combined Districts Kart Club. Clyde was always there. He is in the clubhouse on the wall - king of the mountain.

The event has been ongoing since 1986 - 27 years of history of karting in Lithgow, New South Wales. Clyde is now deceased.

The Lithgow track has superb spectator facilities and the Combined District Karting Club welcome spectators, and it's free.

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