Australian Mixed Media Roadshow -

Thursday 28 July to Sunday 31 July 2016

The Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow hosts a series of workshops that range from papercraft, resin jewelry, beading, sculpture, assemblage, metal smithing, collage, journaling, acrylics, doll art and more. Artist educators from Australia, the USA and Canada will be joined by advanced to beginner artists to spend 1-4 days creating fabulous pieces of Art. Art is You also, always hosts a charity event for a local charity in each city/state that they meet in. This year in Queensland the chosen charity is Artslink Queensland. Donations help Artslink to deliver visual arts and theatre to schools and communities throughout Queensland, while at the same time supporting local artists and actors. Art is You is run by Australian event manager Sallianne McClelland. Thirty years in the business, eleven of those running retreats across the USA. She has a dream and passion to bring the world of mixed media to Australia in a unique and special format.

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