- Destination NSW

Kelly - Wollongong

Wednesday 17 June 2015 to Saturday 20 June 2015


Winner of Brisbane theatre's Matilda Awards for Best Mainstage Production and Best Design, Kelly is a thrilling and beautifully conceived play that portrays the infamous cult heroes of the Kelly gang in a totally new light.

Ned Kelly is about to hang for his crimes, but his final night in prison is interrupted by the arrival of his brother Dan, disguised as a priest. Supposedly killed at the siege of Glenrowan, Dan is intent on moving north to Queensland and forgetting his past. To do so, he needs Ned's blessing and forgiveness. But the last time they saw each other, Dan tried to shoot Ned dead.

Dramatically entwining fact, theory and myth, Kelly is a smartly written, complex and gripping tale of masculinity, brotherhood and the dangerous dynamic of mateship. Steven Rooke delivers a thrilling, powerhouse performance as Ned Kelly.

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