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<div class="row-fluid"><div class="span12"><h2>See Fantastic Events in NSW</h2><div class="info"><div class="span8"><p>New South Wales hosts a spectacular array of music and cultural festivals, high adrenalin sports and exciting family entertainment. Here is just a sample of what's on offer.</p><p> <a href="/events/search">View all events in New South Wales</a> </p> <p> <a href="">View all events in Sydney</a> </p></div><div class="span4 inner info-box"><div style="float: right!important;"><a href="" target="_blank"><img width="220" height="136" alt="Sydney and NSW Events Calendar 2014-15" src=""><h3>Sydney &amp; NSW Events Calendar 2014-15</h3><p>View PDF (3.0 MB)</p></a></div></div></div></div></div>
It's ON! in New South Wales