Route Dash Niner: Part Two - Wollongong

Route Dash Niner: Part 2

Thursday 28 September to Saturday 30 September 2017

Re:group performance collective return to Wollongong for the cinematic conclusion to their sci-fi epic, Route Dash Niner.
In October 2016, four friends discovered a strange signal coming from the deepest corner of the universe. They held a press conference announcing their intention to investigate this signal and bid farewell to their families.
Now, a year later, you will find the crew on the fringe of the known universe. And the closer they get to the signal, the further they stray from home…
Route Dash Niner Part Two is a cinematic sci-fi epic from re:group, a collective who make new performance works from scratch. Their projects are experimental and explore pop culture and videography through hybrid art forms.

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