Merrigong Theatre Company In Association With The Disability Trust Presents The Outside Man - Wollongong

The Outside Man

Friday 24 March 2017 (Daily event)

Merrigong Theatre Company, in association with The Disability Trust, brings a delightfully original and anarchic original performance to the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre stage with The Outside Man as part of the Merrigong 2017 Season.
Featuring a brilliant ensemble of performers, some of whom are perceived to have intellectual disabilities, The Outside Man is a brave, new and outrageously original musical theatre work .
A dark, rain drenched alley with an unmarked doorway welcomes guests to The Sweet Wrapper Club. In The Sweet Wrapper Club, love doesn’t come with a happy ending, but rather with a bearded clown, hibernating bears and lonely catbirds. Here, love not only comes with a song and dance, but also a mouth full of fairy floss.
An anarchic performance in which their learnt experience of romantic love is hijacked and reimagined, The Outside Man is an entertaining, imaginative and touching exploration of the ability to love and to be loved.

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