Australias Industry World - Wollongong

Australias Industry World

Experience heavy industry with exclusive tours of the gigantic Port Kembla Steelworks and get up close and personal with the largest and most dynamic concentration of heavy industry in Australia.

Included within the 1200 hectares of Australia's Industry World are BlueScope, Port Kembla Coal Terminal, Graincorp, Port Kembla Gateway, car imports and general cargo.

A unique combination of heavy industry with education and tourism, Australia's Industry World brings together heritage, culture, safety, environment, education, and industry.

Australia's Industry World is a working industrial area and tours may be altered to meet process or safety requirements.

Tour features include exclusive tours of the Port Kembla Steelworks and surrounding industries; a unique combination of heavy industry with education and tourism with all safety gear provided. Public tours of the Steelworks are available most Friday mornings, commencing at the Visitor Centre.

Bookings are essential by email or phone.

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