Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site - Eden

Davidson Whaling Station Historic Site

Located on the shores of the Kiah Inlet at Twofold Bay, the Davidson Whaling Station was the longest-operating shore-based whaling station in Australia and the last of its type to close down. Protected today as an historic site, the station will give you a unique insight into the lives and industry of the 19th century whalers.

Site of the Davidson Family Whaling Station, from where shore based whaling was conducted from 1826 to 1932. Three generations of the Davidson family worked from this site to hunt migrating whales. They were the only whalers known in the world to work in partnership with killer whales (orcas).

Interpretative signs incorporating historic photographs and sketches have been installed around this site to explain the whaling operations. A viewing platform has been erected around the remains of the 'Tying Down Works' (The area where the whale blubber was boiled to extract the oil).

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