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Benedictine Abbey - Jamberoo


The Benedictine Abbey is a monastic community supporting one another in living the Gospel according to the spirit of St Benedict.

The Sisters life of service to the Church and to their society is expressed through their prayer, work and in the hospitality offered in their Retreat Cottages.

The Benedictine Abbey aim of living is by making and decorating candles for liturgical prayer and personal celebrations, for the bookshop and hand made cards.

All day retreats are a time when sisters ask visitors to enter into silence with the Lord. Visitors are welcome to join the 9am Eucharist on Saturdays, 7.30am Lauds/Eucharist on Sundays or commence the day retreat at 10am. The day's timetable will be sent in response to telephone or email inquiries. Please note that the Sunday retreats will only be held if the Saturday retreat is fully booked.

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