Ackroyd Opals - Nowra

Ackroyd Opals

Ackroyd Opals has one of Australia's finest collections of opals at Australia's best prices. Opals are cut and polished on site with experience which is second to none. Choose from opal rings, pendants, earrings, jewellery, unset stones, as well as jewellery repairs and valuations.

This den of glorious, colourful stones is the pride of the Ackroyd Family, who have been involved in the opal trade, from the ground up so to speak, for many years.

From the diggings at several mines in the great Outback, the Ackroyd family stock high quality stones for processing into jewellery grade items.

Since each opal region produces gems of different appearance, Dallas will take the time to explain to visitors how to select a stone for value and appearance as well as solid investments.