The Hampden Bridge Experience - Kangaroo Valley

Hampden Bridge Today

Hampden Bridge is a wonderful attraction in Kangaroo Valley, just 2.5 hours from Sydney or Canberra between the South Coast and Southern Highlands.

The bridge is Australia's last surviving wooden suspension bridge and has a special design with gothic Victorian sandstone towers that make it look like the entrance to a secret medieval castle. Take a self-guided tour of the bridge and learn its story. If you have a smart phone, watch the film about Hampden Bridge and the community and RMS's action to help restore it. Watch it while here and discover why Kangaroo Valley is Australia's most beautiful Valley.

Things to do at Hampden Bridge include visit the Pioneer Museum, enjoy a barbecue in the museum's park, walk in the park or down the footpath, relax and enjoy the Hampden Bridge Park with lawn and café, or launch your canoe in the river.

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