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The sleepy township of Huskisson in Jervis Bay is rich in shipbuilding history and a prime whale-watching pit-stop. The best way to spot whales in its clear waters is from the deck of a tour boat or from a headland overlooking the ocean.

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Whale Watching in Huskisson

Two whale blow holes Huskisson

On the doorstep of Jervis Bay, the pretty historic township of Huskisson is famous for its pristine beaches and in-season whale watching.

Tours with Jervis Bay Whales depart from Husky's Wharf, and the company guarantees a return trip if you don't spot any whales the first time around. Jervis Bay Eco Adventures also offer whale- and dolphin-sighting tours as well as the chance to visit a seal colony and explore the rugged cliffs and sea caves of nearby Beecroft Peninsula.

Humpbacks and southern right whales are the most commonly sighted in these waters, and humpback whales tend to breach more than others species, although scientists aren't sure why. Chances are you'll also spot whales blowing air, water and vapour through their blowholes as they surface to breath each species has its own distinctive blow. It's easiest to spot the blow during late morning and early afternoon when the glare isn't so strong on the water.

If you'd rather whale-watch from the shore, you're in luck dolphins often cavort right off the beach and occasionally whales swim into the bay with their young. You'll also find good vantage points from the headlands around Huskisson

For more information on whales please visit www.wildaboutwhales.com.au

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