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Berry Courthouse - Berry


The Berry Courthouse is now open to the public. It was abolished on 30 July 1988 as it was no longer needed as a local courthouse. Visitors can enjoy the Victorian Gardens and the elegant Classical courthouse, it is sure to remind you of the Grecian beginnings of the justice system.

The building was designed by James Barnet in the Greek Revival style and built in 1890 and 1891 at a cost of 1,658 pounds 10 shillings and 7 pence. The Berry Court House appears to have been completed in September 1891.

The Berry Courthouse operated as a courthouse from 1891 to 1988 and, as such, reflects the early history of governance and law and order in the region and New South Wales. As an example of a small scale rural courthouse designed in the Classical Academic style, its fine, elegant design embodies late 19th century concepts of courthouse architecture.

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