Fox Rollercoaster Superflow Round 2, sealed by Stan's - Thredbo

Racer on track in Thredbo.

Saturday 01 April 2017

Round Two of the Fox Rollercoaster Series will be held at the Thredbo network of flowtrails.
Why Superflow? The race tracks are picked so that they give the riders that "super flowy" feeling! Each track will demand different skill sets of the riders - from tricky sections around rocks and tight corners to flowy berms and quick stints that needed pedal power and endurance.
This is a mountain bike event that is a competitive race but still very social - you will ride in neutral to the starts of the three race tracks and the combined race times will count. In-official practice will be offered on the Saturday, race day is Sunday with all trails open for exploring and practice in the morning. Racing will start around midday - there is now a specific start list, you pick your race time! It allows riders to race with their friends and families, even if they are in different categories! Spectator entry is free and racers can register online! Junior discounts offered.
Come and get your superflow on with the Fox Rollercoaster, hydrated by Camelbak!

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