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Arts, culture, history and heritage in Nimmitabel

Situated on the rolling plains and foothills of the Snowy Mountains,  Nimmitabel is a small township with a fascinating colonial history still very much present in the brick and mortar of its buildings and community. 

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About Nimmitabel

Nimmitabel is a charming town set on the Monaro Plains in the Snowy Mountains, 40 km south east of Cooma.

The Nimmitabel Heritage Centre was home of John Geldmacher, the German pioneer who almost singlehandely constructed the local stone mill in 1872- only to be told he couldn't use it because it was too close to the road. St Andrew's Catholic Church and Public School built in 1882 are other heritage highlights.

There are plenty of activities to pursue around Nimmitabel, both on and off the local heritage trail. The town is surrounded by National Parks - Kosciuszko, Deua and Wadbilliga - with snowfields, fishing, farm stays, horse riding, 4WD, hiking, mountain biking, bird watching and wild life sanctuaries to explore. 

There are also picnic, BBQ and rest stop facilities at nearby Lake Williams and at the local Caravan Park.

The view from Lake Williams to the Snowy Mountains is truly a sight to behold. You'll find 4WD Tours along tracks such as the Old Postmans Track, Fastigata to Brown Mountain, and Cooma via Kybeyan.

A short drive to Cooma features further historic treasures on Lambie Street, with 11 heritage buildings now under a National Trust classification. It's not hard to step back into colonial times as you admire the architecture and living history of the Cooma Court House, Post Office, Gaol and Hotel.



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