Nature in Bombala

Bombala is a beautiful southern Monaro town set upon rolling pastures, surrounded by dense native forests and situated on the shores of the Bombala River. It is a little over an hour's drive from both the Snowy Mountains in the west and and the Sapphire Coast to the east. 

  • Early Settlers Hut
  • Bombala Platypus Reserve

About Bombala

Bombala is a picturesque town that is known for its fine wool, beef cattle, timber and lavender production. It's not hard to make the most of the fresh country air with plenty of outdoor activities around Bombala - mountain bike trails and fly fishing for trout are very popular pastimes here. Horseridingbushwalking and spotting resident paltypus in local streams are also highlights.

The South East Forest National Park is a 20 km drive from Bombala with access from the Bucky Springs Road. Scenic drives provide access to some great picnic areas at Six Mile Creek, White Rock River, Big Jack and Myanba Creek. Car-based camping is also allowed at various locations and, from lookouts and viewing platforms in the park, you'll see beautiful old-growth forests, swamps, fern-filled gullies and waterfalls.

There are several great walks that traverse the area. Both the Swamp Walk around Nunnock Swamp and the Heritage Walk 

The beautifully restored Early Settlers Hut, which dates back to the 1840s, offers a fascinating glimpse back into the early colonial life of the area. The remarkably preserved Bombala Historic Railway, which houses a small museum, or the Bombala Historic Engines Shed which showcases a handsome surplus of restored vintage era engines and equipment.  

For accommodation Bombala offers a choice of hotels, caravan park, lodges and cottages. The township is around 80 km south of Cooma and 80 km west of the Sapphire Coast.


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