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Belah campground - Mungo


Pretty and secluded, Belah campground ticks all the boxes for a great camping adventure in the NSW outback.

If you're doing the Mungo Self-guided Drive tour, why not spread it over a couple of days and camp overnight at Belah? You'll find the campground after passing Mallee Stop walking track about halfway along the 70km drive route.

The ground is level and although Belah is small, you'll find plenty of room to pitch your tent amongst lovely, wooded surroundings. Enjoy a meal at one of the picnic tables and listed to Mungo's auditory pleasures - from the chirping of birds in the daytime to the evening's cicada song. And in such an intimate campground, you're bound to get chatting with your fellow campers. Who knows, you could even make some great new friends.

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  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled

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