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Arts, culture and heritage in Wentworth

Significant Aboriginal heritage sites are among the most spectacular in the country. The dazzling red dunes of Perry Sandhills in Wentworth date back to the Ice Age and have revealed animal bones from ancient times. Further inland, the remains of Mungo Woman and Mungo Man were discovered in Mungo National Park. Mungo's lunar landscape and Walls of China hills are arguably the most striking natural formations in NSW.

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About Wentworth

Situated at the confluence of Australia's two greatest rivers, the Darling and the Murray in Outback NSW, Wentworth is a good launching pad for fun on the water. Luxury houseboats, paddle steamers and canoes are popular options, or you can watch the action from a riverside restaurant or winery.

Food and wine are big drawcards in the region, and you can sample the local produce at several award-winning venues.

For holiday planners looking for something different to do, plan a visit to Wentworth in July 2016 for the Wentworth Tractor Rally – it takes place every five years to commemorate the role of the humble tractor in saving the town of Wentworth and many other communities along the Murray River during the 1956 floods.

When making your travel plans to the area, don't forget to add Mildura, Pooncarie and Dareton to your itinerary. These towns have their own unique offerings, including Orange World and the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club.

Local areas

  • Dareton Dareton on the Murray River features farms, orchards, fishing and the Coomealla Club for sport enthusiasts.
  • Mildura Mildura offers a full holiday experience with educational tours, fine dining, sports and leisure activities.
  • Pooncarie From quiet Pooncarie, take a houseboat holiday, explore Mungo National Park, or take in Pooncarie Field Day.
  • Wentworth At the Darling-Murray confluence, significant site for fossilised megafauna in Mungo National Park

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