- Destination NSW
View of Audrey Wilkinson Wines, Hunter Valley.
Scenic sunrise in Broken Hill.
Views of New England National Park
Green hills at Kiama, South Coast Sunset on the Ocean


Experience Nature in Corner Country

A drive through the wide open spaces of Corner Country, NSW takes you through vibrant sandstone escarpments, red sand dunes, creeks and watercourses.

Here you can check out the longest fence in the world, the 5614-kilometre Dingo Fence, which stretches out from Cameron Corner, the official junction of NSW, Queensland and South Australia.

Visit the vast Sturt National Park to experience the rich bird and animal life found there. The red sand dunes in the western section of the Strzelecki Desert give way to wetlands surrounded by white sands.

Although arid, this landscape bursts to life after rain with bright wildflowers blossoming in vast numbers across the plains. It really is an unbelievable sight.

Camp at Olive Downs amid the desert mulga near Tibooburra, the most remote town in NSW, and check out a view of the town from Sunset Hill lookout.