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Silver City Art Centre and Mint - Broken Hill


The Silver City Art Centre and Mint is an iconic tourism hotspot and next to housing the Big Picture, there's exquisite silver jewellery crafted in Broken Hill and a wide range of artworks for purchase and chocolates or fudge to entice your taste buds. The Silver City Mint offers a huge collection of art from local and interstate artists.

Many artists can be paralysed by that moment when they stare at a blank canvas - imagine the overwhelming feeling of facing a blank canvas measuring almost 100 metres long and 12 metres at its highest point! Peter Anderson had a vision and was able to take that first brush stroke and a million more to finish the Big Picture, the world's largest acrylic painting on canvas by a single artist. Opened to the public in 2001, Ando's Big Picture quickly became Broken Hill's number one tourist attraction!

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