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Wilsons River Experience Walk - Lismore


You are invited to take a stroll in Riverside Park to visit the three interpretive panels featured in a series of heritage story sites along the riverbank. The panels represent shared information of landscape and settlement of the city and district.

The sites are called 'Galamah - Living Together,' Mirring - River Crossings' and 'Burbang Mah - Gathering Place'. The Galamah panels tell some of the story of pre and post European settlement and are installed not far from where the first European settlement was built in the area and near a former permanent campsite of the Widjabul people. The Mirring panels focus on the river and how it has been used by both cultures over time. The Burbang Mah panels highlight the location of community celebrations through time. For more information please contact the Lismore Visitor Information Centre.

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