Angourie Beach - Yamba

Angourie Point Beach

Angourie Beach was declared a National Surfing Reserve in 2007, the second site in Australia to be recognised for its significance to recreational surfing and, as such, is considered sacred by Australian surfers.

If the NSW North Coast can be said to have a half dozen legendary point-breaks, Angourie is undoubtedly one of them. 'Discovered' in the 1960s by the first generation of Australia's surfing counter-culture, Angourie remained relatively unheralded for the next three decades.

Famous these days for being Aussie surfing legend Nat Young's home break, Angourie remains a pristine environment bordered by the Yuraygir National Park. The swell needs only be one or two metres for the point to start breaking, at which stage it's rideable for surfers of most abilities, but anything bigger should only be tackled by confident board-riders.

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