Food and Wine Week at Pinetrees Lord Howe Island - Lord Howe Island

Pinetrees Food and Wine Weeks

Monday 21 May to Friday 26 October 2018

Join the Pinetrees Food and Wine Week. In the last few years, Peter Kuruvita, Steven Snow and Tom Kime have come to teach guests about their unique cooking styles.

During the Food and Wine Week, the chefs will host a two hour cooking master class every day. They'll cover a range of topics and reveal some professional secrets to help you take your home cooking to a new level. The best part, though, is that you get to taste everything they prepare, which can be up to 20 exceptional dishes over five days.

In the evening, everyone convenes on the waterfront deck for selected wine tastings. Each day you'll taste a range of James Halliday's favourite wines and explore variations in style and character from different Australian wine regions.

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