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  1. Bulga Beats Festival

    Saturday 6 May 2017, Singleton

    Bulga Beats is a happening music, market and arts festival focusing on community, attracting people to the Hunter Valley and district while supporting and promoting sustainable industries, local businesses, and wine...

    06 May
  2. Colouring Out Exhibition

    Friday 23 June to Monday 10 July 2017,

    Painted to jazz soundtracks, using his signature palette of blue, red, yellow, Peter conducts the paintbrush across the surface like a soundboard. The canvas or panel becomes his instrument and the paintbrush a tool...

    23 Jun -10Jul
  3. Wollombi Country Fair

    Friday 25 August to Sunday 27 August 2017, Wollombi

    The historic town of Wollombi in the Hunter Valley will come alive at the annual Wollombi Country Fair, showcasing the best the Valley has to offer in way of local food producer market stalls, wine makers, olive...

    25 Aug -27Aug

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