Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores - Nundle

Visit the historic village store, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, at Nundle in New England north west NSW.

Inspired by almost a century of retail heritage, they stock only designs that have stood the test of time and contemporary goods with traditional roots; all useful, relevant and elegant. Shop in store for fine tea and coffee, tin toys, gardening tools and kitchenware. Choose your favourite loose leaf tea, soap cut from the slab, Falcon enamel pie dishes in a dozen sizes, or gardening gloves with the perfect balance of toughness and sensitivity.

The ding-ding of a brass bell sounds arrivals, the scent of bulk tea, soap, candles and linseed oiled floorboards arouses curiosity and eyes settle with ease on natural textures; stacks of wicker baskets, pigeon holes filled with candy striped cotton tea towels and flour stored in brown paper or cloth bags on 120 year old packing case shelving.

For more information: www.exchangestores.com.au