Marguerite Bronwick: Painting Exhibition - Bowral

Marguerite Bronwick at Ten Thousand Paces Gallery

2:00pm to 6:00pm Tuesday 28 March 2017 (Daily event)

The Intangible: A series of abstract /action paintings, using inks and high flow mediums. These works were inspired by crystals and my personal emotive responses.
The Painted Ladies: A Series of beautiful impressionistic and colouristic portrayals of the female form.
Inspired largely by Life Drawing Sessions at Ten Thousand Paces.
Marguerite Bronwick is an evolving and diverse Artist who loves to explore both the traditional art making methods as well as the new and contemporary. She enjoys using all mediums equally either as mixed media or individually. She enjoys working intuitively and allowing the artwork to guide me.
Come along for drinks with the artist Saturday, March 18 at 2pm.

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