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  1. Cotton Farm and Gin Tours

    Cotton Farm and Gin Tours

    Tour around the cotton farm where the cotton is picked and packed into modules ready for transportation to the gins (gin is short for engine). The tour will then proceed to the ginning process. The ginning is the...

  2. Stahmann Pecan Nut Farm

    Stahmann Pecan Nut Farm

    Stahmann Farms was established in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1932 by Deane Stahmann Snr. He and his sons, Deane Jnr and the late Bill Stahmann, planted more than 100,000 pecan trees (pronounced p'cahn in southern USA)...

  3. Lightning Ridge Tour

    Lightning Ridge Tour

    Lighting Ridge was born due to the discovery of the Black Opal in the Region. Some may consider Lightning Ridge an interesting place to build a town with its isolated location and variety of weather conditions...

  4. ODempseys Charters and Tours

    ODempseys Charters and Tours

    Enquire about the daily O'Dempsey's tours to great locations around the wonderful area of the Moree Plains and regions including, 'Trawalla' Pecan Nut Farm (Stahmann Farms), Cotton Farm and Gin Tours, Lightning Ridge,...

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