Yarrie Lake - Narrabri

Yarrie Lake

A circular lake, three kilometres in diameter, Yarrie Lake is perched on the edge of the vast Pilliga scrub, providing a haven for countless species of birds and animals. Visitors to the lake reported that they had counted 60 species of birds late one afternoon. The perfect saucer shape of the lake is thought to have been formed by the landing of a meteor many years ago - whether or not this is true is still a mystery!
Activities available to do at the lake include: craybobs, water skiing, swimming, sailing and bird watching.
Powered and non-powered camping sites are available (fees apply). Please contact caretaker for camping bookings (prices are subject to change). There is no fishing. No dogs are permitted. The caretaker can be contacted directly on the given mobile number.
Before launching boats, please call the caretaker or Yarrie Lake Trust regarding permits and licensing.

For more information: www.visitnarrabri.com.au