Mehi Murri Art Studio - Moree

Mehi Murri Art Studio

Mehi Murri was formed by a group of Aboriginal (Murri) students from the Moree TAFE Campus in the town of Moree in Kamilaroi (Gamilaroi) country.

The founders of Mehi Murri wanted to set up an environment where Aboriginal students could study their culture and express it through art and craft, and provide an essential opportunity for you to meet with, interact, and hear the Murri's share their stories of their life.

At the Mehi Murri Art Studio you are free to watch students as they paint. They are happy to talk with you about their designs, their style of art and what has inspired the designs they are creating.

Art works can be purchased directly from the artist giving you the opportunity to have the artist tell you the story behind the piece and enable you to take home something you now have a personal understanding of.

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