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  1. Laggan Village Markets

    Saturday 17 June to Saturday 16 December 2017, Crookwell

    Every third Saturday of the month, the Laggan Memorial Hall hosts the Laggan Village Markets, boasting a wide array of goods from home baked cakes to plants and an impressive range of gift items. There are...

    17 Jun -16Dec
  2. High Tea

    Sunday 13 August 2017, Crookwell

    Enjoy High Tea with entertainment at Crystal Brook Lavender Farm.Champagne and horderves are served on arrival, followed later by sandwiches, cakes, and fancy treats.There will...

    13 Aug
  3. Crookwell Garden Festival

    Saturday 11 November to Sunday 12 November 2017, Crookwell

    Come and experience the beauty of nine cool climate gardens in Crookwell and surrounds. Talk to garden owners, meet fellow garden enthusiasts and enjoy country hospitality. Stay a few hours or come for the whole...

    11 Nov -12Nov
  4. Lavender, Herb and Chilli Festival

    Saturday 6 January to Sunday 7 January 2018, Crookwell

    The Lavender, Herb and Chilli Festival will be held at Laggan in January. Attractions on Saturday include, the gardens and Paris Cafe open all day. Throughout the day there will be lectures, lavender...

    06 Jan -07Jan
  5. Crookwell AP and H Show

    Saturday 10 February 2018, Crookwell

    In the early days of the district, the agriculturalists and pastoralists felt a need to be able to exhibit their produce to the community and beyond. In 1878 they met and formed the A and P Society and proceeded to...

    10 Feb
  6. Crookwell Potato Festival

    Saturday 12 May 2018, Crookwell

    Crookwell Potato Festival is educational and entertaining for all ages! Visit Crookwell and soak up the friendly country welcome. Come for a day or stay overnight. Learn from an expert potato farmer how the most...

    12 May
  7. Crookwell Bake and Brew

    Saturday 19 May to Sunday 20 May 2018, Crookwell

    Come to Crookwell Showgrounds for the annual Crookwell campfire cook - out, where local and visiting campfire cooks and home brewers will be showing off their skills. There will also be bonfires, storytelling, bush...

    19 May -20May

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