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  1. South Burnett Rail Trail Launch

    Sunday 1 October 2017,

    The launch of the South Burnett Rail Trail will be on Sunday October 1. Cycle, run, walk and enjoy the activities in each town along the route. The event will start in Kingaroy with a breakfast and local...

    01 Oct
  2. Spring Fest Street Launch Party

    Friday 13 October 2017, Griffith

    The Spring Fest celebrates the start of the Griffith Garden Festival weekend with a street launch involving fabulous local food trucks serving delicious street fare, a paella station, fabulous local wines, live bands...

    13 Oct
  3. Crookwell Community Singers

    Sunday 26 November 2017, Crookwell

    Come and enjoy a night of song with the Crookwell Community Singers performing this concert at St Barts Anglican Church in Crookwell. Listen to some old favourites, sung with beautiful harmonies by this talented...

    26 Nov

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