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  1. GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering

    Monday 14 March to Sunday 19 March 2017, Corowa

    The GPA Swim-In and Ex-Military Vehicle Gathering is an annual gathering of people who collect ex-military vehicles from all parts of Australia and overseas to the town of Corowa, on the Murray River. Most bring a...

    14 Mar -19Mar
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  2. Corowa's Great Easter Egg Hunt

    Sunday 16 April 2017, Corowa

    The Corowa Baptist Church will once again share the joy of Easter with its annual renowned Corowa's Great Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Sunday Service.On Easter Sunday at 9:30 am at the RSL Park in Betterment...

    16 Apr
  3. Taste the Globe

    Friday 5 May 2017, Corowa

    Take an international journey exploring the world’s Shiraz styles. Head to France, the USA, New Zealand and Australia, comparing and discussing the elements that inspire Valhalla's own style. Each Shiraz...

    05 May
  4. Tweed Ride

    Saturday 6 May 2017, Corowa

    Step out in vintage style on a gentle, 20 kilometres cycling adventure through glorious wine country, interspersed with three incredible food and wine experiences. All chaps, dandies and bon vivants are invited to...

    06 May
  5. Creative Campfire Cooking

    Sunday 7 May 2017, Corowa

    Discover just how good food tastes when it’s cooked on a campfire at this enjoyable class and lunch, returning in 2017 by popular demand. Learn how to cook campfire favourites as well as some more exotic campfire...

    07 May
  6. Wandering Winery Harvest Dinner

    Friday 19 May 2017, Corowa

    Enjoy a four course, harvest themed dinner, starting with a visit to the winery with winemaker, Marc Scalzo, to experience the aromas of vintage, taste wines in barrel and a pre-dinner nibble. Jump back on the bus and...

    19 May
  7. Rutherglen Agricultural Show

    Sunday 15 October 2017, Corowa

    The picturesque Rutherglen Showgrounds play host to this year's Annual Rutherglen Agricultural Show. Stroll through the livestock pavilion and explore the colourful display of arts and crafts in the...

    15 Oct

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