Grounded - Wyong

The Art House

7:30pm to 9:00pm Friday 06 October 2017 (Daily event)

Against the backdrop of one of the most intriguing events in Newcastle’s recent history you meet Farrah, a teenager obsessed with the industrial port. It’s a fascination none of the kids at school understand. It’s fine to be interested in something, but take it too far and you’re a total freak. When a storm forces the Pasha Bulker onto to Nobbys Beach, and the world’s attention turns to the harbour she knows so well, all of Farrah’s plans for the future become grounded in a confronting reality.
This touching and unexpected coming-of-age tale by one of Australia’s most acclaimed playwrights, Alana Valentine, was co-commissioned by Australian Theatre for Young People and Tantrum Youth Arts (Then Tantrum Theatre). Capturing the contrasts of an industrial city re-inventing itself in a new century, Grounded looks at the way life can take people to places you don’t expect.
Directed by Joshua Maxwell
This production contains some coarse language and adult themes.
Show run time 90 minutes with out an interval