Children of the Black Skirt - Wyong

The Art House

11:00am to 12:10pm Saturday 07 October 2017 (Daily event)

A gothic fairytale for young people.
Four children, lost in the bush, discover the ruins of an orphanage. As they dress themselves in the abandoned clothes scattered about the room the spirits of the old building take the opportunity to tell their stories and seek release. From convicts, to world wars and cultural tragedy, this play offers a very human exploration of Australian history.
Children of the Black Skirt was first developed by Real TV and produced by Queensland Arts Council. Children of the Black Skirt has toured widely into schools and theatres across Australia. The play received a Drama Victoria Award for Best Production by a theatre company and featured on the 2005 VCE play list.
Directed by Danielle Brame Whiting.
Show runs for 70 minutes without an interval.