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Bike hire is so much fun

Exploring is so much fun on a bike, get up close and personal to nature and the environment, plus find shops eateries the locals love. A local small business, offering personal service call or email Rod with any enquiries.
Bike riding is a healthy, active, fun activity for all ages, and often provides a unique "Memory for Life".
The Bike Hire Stations are a self service bike hire system similar to a vending machine, and are open 24 hours everyday. Stations are located near bike paths and come with maps, helmets and bike locks.
Delivery can be made to an agreed location, and is ideal for groups over six people, or periods of more than two days.
All bikes come with maps, helmets and bike locks.

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Hire Product
Name Features
Automatic Bike Hire Stations Automatic Bike Hire Station or bike vending machine, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most bikes are three speed unisex hybrid bikes for riders over 150 centimetres tall. Helmets and locks are free from nearby retailers or hotel reception. Some stations have children's bikes. All payments by credit card only. Situated on or nearby bike paths across New South Wales and Australia.