Bron Newman: Interplay - Surface - Springwood

Bron Newman: Interplay - Surface

Thursday 27 July to Sunday 20 August 2017

Bron Newman’s work focuses on surface; the contrast between the shapes, patterns and textures of nature with the shapes, textures and intricate patterns formed by the built, industrial landscape.
Nature is reduced to an almost abstract surface depiction, and the commonplace and ordinary of the built-environment in the landscape takes on another perspective when depicted in different ways. These include a loose and expressive manner to a more structured and representational approach.
Mixed media has been chosen, as well as charcoal and oil, to produce gritty somewhat earthy representations of different aspects of our utilitarian surroundings. Scenes and images that the ordinary viewer would generally pass without noticing, receive a focus that highlights a rugged beauty.
Open times: 10am - 4pm, Thursday to Sunday. Free Entry.

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