Kurt Sorensen: Solitude is Desolation - Katoomba

Kurt Sorensen: Solitude is Desolation

Saturday 13 May to Sunday 02 July 2017

Drawing upon the historical newspaper account of the disappearance of David and Emily Jane Joel near Wentworth Falls in 1918, Kurt Sorensen combines experimental analogue photography, video and sound works to explore the often uneasy relationship of colonial European settlers with the Blue Mountains environment.
Sorensen’s current work is created through researching historical colonial texts such as newspapers, state archives or journals and looking for specific instances of misadventure in Australian and other colonised environments. These stories are often not well reported and have largely been forgotten. Once a story has been chosen and thoroughly researched Sorensen then travels to the area where the incidents occurred and create images via various traditional photographic and screen based means. These images are made at the approximate time of day that the original events occurred and are often set in remote locations.
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